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Pertussis Treatment

By ememichael at 2010-09-13 02:14:41
Pertussis is a potentially deadly infection that can affect any one at any age but babies are especially prone to it. Because they are smaller and their immune systems weaker, the danger is greater the younger the person is. It's important that parents know that Pertussis is the only infectious disease that is regularly immunized for but that is currently on the rise.

Newborns and infants aren't fully immunized at a young age and are at highest risk. To protect them from this deadly and preve
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Tuberculosis Symptoms

By ememichael at 2010-09-13 02:11:08
Tuberculosis, a bacterial infection, most commonly affects the lungs. Tuberculosis can also affect the central nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, genitourinary system, bones and joints. Often Called TB for short, tuberculosis is the most common major infectious disease today. With that title the virus is infecting two billion people which is approximately one-third of the world's population.

Tuberculosis is one of the major killer diseases of modern times. Till recently, an
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Leprosy Symptoms

By ememichael at 2010-09-10 02:08:28
Leprosy was recognized in the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and India. The first known written mention of leprosy is dated 600 BC. The word leper comes from a Greek word meaning scaly. In India, leprosy is known since ancient times as kustha roga and attributed to punishment or curse from God.

Symptoms of Leprosy:

Symptoms include reddened or dry patches of skin. The initial sign of leprosy is usually spots on the skin that may be slightly redder, darker, or lighter than the person
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Impetigo Treatment

By ememichael at 2010-09-10 02:04:22
impetigo is a skin infection that is highly contagious. It produces blisters on face, and hands and this particular skin disorder is very common among children.

It has been found that impetigo can be caused by two types of bacteria. The first can be group A streptococcus and the second type of bacteria that can cause this skin disorder is called staphylococcus aureus.

Natural home remedies can greatly help in curing impetigo. One such remedy is mixing tea tree oil in bathing water and then
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Dementia Symptoms

By ememichael at 2010-09-09 01:59:44
Dementia can be understood as a serious loss of cognitive abilities in a person, previously unimpaired, beyond what is assumed to be a normal ageing process for a person. It may either be static or progressive. The former is due to distinct brain injury while the latter results in long-running decline owing to disease or damage in the body.

A complicated disease with a multitude of symptoms, dementia originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, affecting one’s ability to hear, touch, see
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